6 Tips on Hiring a Plumber

Having a Plumbing repair problem ina Home and office is a common occurence. People don't know how to choose professional plumber because  they are not having the plumbing problems before and also they assume that it will not occur in future. If any problem occurs then they think that they will select any random plumber from the local directory to get there job done. This is the biggest mistake that everyone will do. There are some qualities which should be considered while choosing a Plumber. Book Professional Plumber services in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane from E-commerce websites like Urbanclap, Localoye,Timesaverz etc....


Very important thing that you must always check whether he is licensed by the government authorities to provide service in your area. It is worse when plumber is not licensed. The reason why you have to check the plumbers licensed  is to ascertain that the plumber will follow the strict rules set by the Government. He will be legally binding to perform work upto certain standard. Intentionally or unintentionally if plumber fails to perform certain work then you  can take a legal actions against him. If you hire a plumber who performed a bad work and also who is not having the license then you cannot do any thing because you already paid for the service. 

2.Services offering

Most of the professional plumbers provides only particular services. When picking the services just verify the services from the list. Most of the professional plumbers have shorter list than others. This is not bad thing as some plumber only focuses on certain services. Instead of Gambling choose plumber who focuses on certain skill set and can handle the job that you need done.

3.Time Convenience

Make sure that you should be able choose your time according to your convenience. It is not professional to be come late and it is not possible to wait all the day for plumber to arrive especially if you  taken leave from your official work. Search for plumber who provide same day service.


Various factor plays a considerable role regarding pricing factor. When the plumber detects the problem always remember to ask him the charges are hourly or Standard price for particular job. Don't forget to ask about the prices for Hardware parts and labour. Check whether the plumber charges for overtime and what is the rate for that extra time. It is always advantageous to hire a plumber who charges according to job instead of hour wise this will help the customer to stay within the budget.

5.Repair or Replacement

If you have any leaks or any other problem then ask the plumber whether this can be repaired or replaced.

6.Guarantee for work

Choose the plumber who should stood by the fact that work done will be backed by the guarantee. Ask about the customer service and type of guarantee that they offer.


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